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Getting started under saddle without “breaking out” your horse? Rescue horse needing help learning how to trust again? Rehabbing from an injury? Problem horse with a nasty habit? OTTB transitioning to a new career? Spring tune-up to dust off the cobwebs? Josie provides training for all levels of horse in different disciplines. With a strong basis of dressage, Josie teaches each horse balance, rhythm, and responsiveness of aids. So whether your horse is aim to be a dressage star, eventing champion, or reliable trail partner, training with Josie is extremely beneficial.

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Training packages are comprised of training sessions and/or lessons with your horse. Training sessions start the moment Josie puts a halter on your horse so they are not just schooled under saddle but also in ground manners.

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“I have had the privilege of working with Josie and some of the amazing horses she has trained. She has an eye for well built horses with talent and great minds and has the ability to turn them into competitive, well rounded athletes. She is also a charismatic teacher and can use her knowledge of riding theory to give you an in depth lesson in not only the how but the why. I would recommend Josie’s services to anyone!” — Megan S.

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