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Fall Fun Show
Saturday October 29th ~ Entries close October 27th
RE Sporthorses, LLC ~ Fort Defiance VA


Come join us for a fall fun show at RE Sporthorses! It will be relaxed, casual, and lots of fun for horse and riders. A fun and different variety of classes are offered and judged accordingly with ribbons to sixth place. Classes are $15 each. Entries close the Thursday before the show but you are welcome to add or scratch classes the day of the show. The first class will start at 9:30, approximate class timeline will be posted the Friday before the show. Haul ins must email me a copy of current negative coggins. Contact Josie with any questions.
Dressage musical freestyle: show off your fancy footwork with some fun music! It can be very basic or crazy advance as long as its fun.
Egg and Spoon: grab a spoon, receive an egg, now see how long you can keep your egg on your spoon as you are asked to do different things on horse back.
Barrel Race: three barrels and the fastest time wins! No discrimination on tack.
Gamblers Choice (jumps and obstacles): Several different jumps and obstacles will be set out with each having different points awarded if completed properly. Each can be done twice but not back to back. Can be done in hand or ridden. Try to get as many points as you can in 90 seconds! Class may be broken up into junior/adult and in hand/ridden depending on entries.
Bareback Puirssance: all riders will be bareback and have the chance to jump one jump. It will start at 18″ and slowly go up. If you knock the rail down, you are out.
Parent Leadline: now is your chance to get your parent on your horse.
Costume: let it be crazy, let it be fun!
More classes will be added over the next few weeks, check back for more details!
RES Release Form to be signed by all participants
Coggins upload for non boarders

Fall Fun Show


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