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Josie Howard


Owner/Head Trainer

Josie is a passionate Dressage and Event rider. She works with several personal OTTB projects every year, helping them find their true calling.

Training Philosophy
I believe in order to have success with a horse you must work together as partners. Since you can’t teach a horse to speak English, we must speak their language. All horses have different personalities and buttons and all need to be handled differently. By using natural horsemanship techniques we can learn how to use our body language to accomplish this. Horses naturally fear humans; we are predators and they are prey animals. We must teach them that they need not fear us which is accomplished through effective communication with them. Once trust is established between horse and rider, you are able to form a lasting partnership.

As a rider, I will help you gain overall confidence, trust and respect for your horse. We start with the basics of rider position, seat and leg aids, balance, and communication. From there we move on to more advanced study of balance to help riders gain confidence in their seat allowing the horse to move naturally and balanced in their own self carriage.    ~ Josie


Working Students

Join the RE Team and learn the all aspects of training, showing and sales.

Being a working student at RE Sporthorses, you will learn all aspects of training, showing and sales.  The whole RE Team works together as one big family caring for all the horses including feeding, turnout, stalls, so we can all ride and learn together.  Contact us today to discuss details.

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